Sauteed Potatoes, Red Bell Peppers, Onions, and Mushrooms

Aaron and I usually buy our groceries on Tuesday, since that seems to be the day that our preferred grocery store gets its shipment of fresh produce and other perishables – we found out that going on Tuesdays means fresher food that’s less picked-over and that lasts longer. Monday nights are usually the night I try to find a way to use up the odds and ends before the Tuesday morning shopping trip, and on this particular Monday night, I needed to use up some red potatoes (featured in Tilapia with Chimichurri), mushrooms, spinach, and onions (featured in salads like the one with the Barbequed Chicken Thighs), a bunch of green onions, a small tomato, and a red bell pepper. So I threw it all in a pan with salt, pepper, and a dash of worcestershire (thank you, spellcheck!) sauce, and this is what I got:

End-of-the-week meal

A successful use of leftover ingredients - and it wasn't soup!


But I thought to myself… “What could make this a little better?” Do you know what I came up with?

Fried Egg!

Yep. Fried Egg!

A fried egg on top! This made the whole dish very breakfast-y. And as we learned from yesterday’s Pasta with Fried Egg post, gooey egg yolk makes a lot of things taste really, really good. This was no exception!

What are your strategies for using up leftover food or odds-and-ends in the kitchen?


7 responses to “Sauteed Potatoes, Red Bell Peppers, Onions, and Mushrooms

  1. Hooray for MacGyver cooking! I do this a lot, and when we used to get veggies every week from our CSA, it was a mad A-Team-montage-like dash to put together a meal that used a bit of everything.

  2. I wasn’t hungry until I looked through your blog. Everything looks so delicious, now I’m craving good food!

  3. Haha I’ll accept the “You’re Welcome.” And yes, of course take the compliment! Everything really does look wonderful. I wish their was a way to do taste testers via internet!

  4. This dish looks great, I’ve always had the mindset to saute only asian vegetables so when I saw this, it opened my eyes for sauteing other ingredients. I love this recipe and I love the egg, this I must try.

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