While on vacation, Aaron’s uncle was nice enough to make me a mojito! I drank this with the Frogmore Stew from the previous post. It was especially delicious because the lime flavor in the mojito matched the flavor of the limes that we had thrown into the stew pot. It was cool and refreshing, and I thought it looked very pretty sitting on the counter in the beachy afternoon light.

Cold and Delicious!

Cold and Delicious!

He made the mojito using Rose’s Mojito Mix, rum, ice, slices of fresh lime, and some torn mint leaves. I would like to make these at home sometime soon.


3 responses to “Mojito

  1. All looks good!

    If you are going to make a Mojito though, do yourself a favour and make one like this:

    using a mix is sacrilege!

  2. Mojitos sure are a nice way to sign off a hot summer day. That pic looks so amazingly refreshing! I’ve had mojitos over super-crushed ice, and that’s really nice. Almost like a boozy slushy!

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