Fried Egg, Tomato, Mushrooms, and English Muffin

Yesterday I had to leave Richmond for most of the day, and since Aaron and I usually spend Saturdays together, this made me feel a little sad. I figured since I was leaving in the morning, I should make a big breakfast for us both, on account of how Aaron is notoriously bad at cooking. In a big skillet, I fried a couple of eggs, some fresh tomato slices, and some mushrooms in a little bit of light margarine and olive oil. I also toasted some whole-grain English muffins. We had a bowl of organic red grapes and glasses of orange juice as well (not shown).

Big Giant Breakfast

Big Giant Breakfast for the Boy who Can't Cook So Great.

The yolk oozed its yellow goodness onto the plate, where it mingled with the hot tomato juices and was sopped up with the crunchy English muffin. Aaron’s favorite part of the breakfast was the mushrooms, which soaked up a lot of flavor while sauteeing in the pan with the other good things.


My favorite part, of course, was the egg. Aaron admitted that he cannot cook an egg sunny side up. He says that when he attempts it, the top does not get cooked at all, but the bottom burns. I admitted that I have real trouble cooking an egg over-easy, because I always manage to break the yolk. Sunny side up is no problem, though, as you can see!


Readers, over the next couple of days I will be extremely busy. Tomorrow I start a new job AND I have my first day of online classes for my Master of Library Science. If you do not see another post from me until Wednesday or Thursday, or if my heart explodes from the stress of it all before I get to post again, please enjoy these breakfast photos. I will be having more eggs tomorrow morning to give me the energy to face The New Job and The New Classes all in one day. 🙂



6 responses to “Fried Egg, Tomato, Mushrooms, and English Muffin

  1. Good luck on the new job! I’m sure this breakfast will start your day off right 🙂

  2. Hear-hear — good luck on the new job and the big doin’s ahead! The breakfast post is most appropriate and during busy weeks, I often just have a fried egg over some wilted greens. A little splash of hot sauce and whammo — dinner is served. Maybe Pigeon can guest-blog for a few days? 😀

    • Mmm, I’ve never had an egg over greens, but it sounds lovely. Pigeon certainly tries to blog – and I can already see that with my online classes, trying to keep her from walking across my keyboard will be one of the more challenging aspects of the semester!

  3. This is totally healthy tasty and cheap:) Mushroom and tomatoes instead of fries and bacon is a good idea. You did a great job on the egg. Good luck on your new job and school:)

    Tana from

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