Scromblette with Onion, Zucchini, Tomato, and Cheddar

I used to make omelettes with vegetables and cheese and good things inside. But they always seemed to fall apart and get very messy, because I was horribly inept at flipping them. So now when I make eggs with veggies and cheese and good things, I make something in-between an omelette and scrambled eggs, and I really like it. I call them scromblettes, for scrambled + omelette. They are sort of scrambled up (I have accepted my inferior flipping skills and now make the most of the situation) but sort of flat and fluffy like an omelette. Here is a scromblette I made recently with two eggs, sauteed red onion, zucchini, fresh tomato, and 2% cheddar cheese.

Garden Veggie Scromblette!

Garden Veggie Scromblette!

After typing a draft of this post, I became curious about whether anyone else makes something like this. On there is an entry for “scromlette,” which reads as follows:

“Scrom-let – A sumptuous dish served only (as far as I know) at Kingfisher B&B in Worcestershire. It is essentially the bastard child of scrambled egg (scrom) and omelette (lette). It was created one bleary eyed morning after a heavy night on the good stuff as a result of a complete lack of culinary dexterity. Despite it’s shaky beginnings frankly scromlette is infinitely more delectable than either of it’s two inferior egg based parent dishes.”

So, apparently I am not the only one doing this! Scromblettes / scromlettes are happening in Richmond, Virginia and at a bed and breakfast in England. Interesting, although I could find no mention on scromlettes on the Kingfisher Bed and Breakfast website.

Scromblettes are Scrummy!

Scromblettes are Scrumderful (that's scrumptious + wonderful)!


20 responses to “Scromblette with Onion, Zucchini, Tomato, and Cheddar

  1. Oh man… now you’ve gone and done it. I’m ready to just walk out of my office, go home, and make a scromblette of my own!!! Eggs really are amazing — you can throw anything with them, a bit of cheese, and it’s the most satisfying thing to eat, for any meal. I have creamy egg scrambles for dinner all the time, and just throw in oddball bits of leftovers to clean out the fridge.

    • Haha, yes, you’re absolutely right! Eggs are definitely in my top five favorite foods. They might even be number one. Super cheap, delicious, versatile, nutritious, filling, and absolutely perfect for using up leftovers. Leftover veggies, the last of the cheese, meat, even rice and pasta, whatever, throw it in! And it takes no time at all to cook an omelette or a scramble or a scromblette. Much love for eggs.

      Funny that you posted about eggs today, too! They looked great, by the way. 🙂

  2. That’s usually what mine come out to be as well, although I never thought of that name! How fitting!

  3. Looks awesome! I have a garden full of vegetables. Can’t wait to try it.

  4. oh scromblette….*drool*

  5. looks great! scromblette sounds like a great breakfast for dinner !

  6. I love the name! I have the same problem with flipping my omlettes but I love to try! I usually stick to chopped cherry tomatoes and red bell pepper chunks. 🙂 I’ll have to try zucchini too next time! DELISH!

  7. Scromblette looks great! I make something like these a lot but didn’t know they had such a cute name!

  8. My husband and I do the same thing – we call them ‘ugly omlettes’ 🙂

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