Brown Rice Sushi

On Thursday, I wanted a quick, light meal to eat before I went to work. Thursday was the first real day of my new job – last week was orientation. So I went to a local supermarket chain called Ukrop’s and started hunting for something suitable. I meandered over to their little sushi section and spotted inside-out sushi rolls with carrot, cucumber, and avocado that were made with short-grain brown rice.


I usually prefer to eat brown rice over white rice because it contains nutrients that white rice does not, such as magnesium, fiber, and fatty acids. ( I also really like the nutty flavor and chewy texture. I’d often wondered whether sushi could be made with brown rice, but guessed that it wouldn’t stick together the way that white sushi rice does and assumed it wouldn’t work. So, I was very surprised to see this brown rice sushi! Twelve pieces for $5.49 seemed reasonable enough, so I bought the package and brought it home.


I know that supermarket sushi is probably a huge faux-pas for many foodies, but this tasted good! The brown rice was plenty sticky, and I liked its chewiness with the crunch of the vegetables and the butteriness of the avocado. The little black sesame seeds enhanced the nutty taste of the brown rice. The cool sushi calmed my first-day-of-work nerves. This was definitely a healthy tasty cheap lunch.



14 responses to “Brown Rice Sushi

  1. I LOVE brown rice sushi – definitely messier but I love the taste.

  2. That sushi looks really tasty! I am really jealous that you have Ukrops right at your fingertips. It’s a really fabulous grocery store!

  3. Looks great! Sometimes I buy the brown rice sushi rolls at Trader Joe’s and although it’s not the same as getting them fresh in a restaurant, I’m always still happy with the results (and price)!

    • Trader Joe’s is another excellent grocery store. It’s too bad there isn’t one close to me, I’d be there all the time!

      I was wary of supermarket sushi for a long time, but I’ve actually never had a bad experience with it. It’s cheap, easy, and it tastes good. πŸ™‚

  4. I love brown rice sushi! Yours looks really good!

  5. lovely!!! vegetarians must be thankful too

  6. I like brown rice for the health factor, but I like the stickiness of naughty short grain white rice for sushi. I’ll sometimes mix the two if I’m doing sushi rolls at home. I totally buy sushi from the store in a pinch, so you are not alone — there’s a few good places where I live: Whole Foods, QFC, and an Asian market chain called Uwajimaya. Their sushi is rolled fresh, it tastes just dandy, and it makes for a great quick lunch!

    • Hey, glad to hear I’m not the only foodie buying supermarket sushi. πŸ˜€

      Ooh, I will have to try mixing brown and white rice for homemade sushi. Do you use a short-grain brown rice, or any other special kind?

  7. There are so many sushi places in Vancouver. But most of them use white rice. It would be nice to get the brown rice ones once in a while. Nice post:)

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